Mistress Cyan and Ashley Renee, along with friends from Sanctuary LAX will be on the Intellectual Kink show, 9-25-13 at 9pm PST

Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary LAX

Los Angeles, CA – The ladies of Sanctuary LAX are ready to enslave ears of Los Angeles and the internet with an appearance on the Intellectual Kink show at SkidRowStudios.com. Leading the charge will be Mistress Cyan, the proprietrix of Sanctuary LAX and a long time leader in the Los Angeles BDSM community. Joining her will be Goddess Genesis, Mistress Ashley Reigns, and bondage superstar Ashley Renee.

Hosted by Insidious Muse and Service Slut, this internet radio talk show episode will revolve around the differences between professional domination, and lifestyle BDSM. Also up for discussion will be the differences between porn and professional domination with regards to health and safety issues such as HIV and other STDs.

“It is a pleasure for us to be the guests of Insidious Muse,” said Mistress Cyan. “She has supported us and our events. This will be a lovely opportunity for us to return the favor. We encourage all our friends and supporters to listen and call in.”

The show will air live, Wednesday night at 9:00PM, PST on SkidRowStudios.com. Listeners can call in to the show at 1-800-893-9562 or comment on the discussion through the very active Skid Row Studios chat room. Archives will later be made available at SkidRowStudios.com and InsidiousMuse.com/IntellectualKink.

Sanctuary LAX is one of LA’s biggest, most legendary, BDSM play spaces, with a kick-ass staff of Dominants and submissives. Feature Mistresses at Sanctuary LAX have included Julie Simone, Jewell Marceau, Paris Kennedy and this week Mistress Miranda is visiting from the UK. The space is available for production and is well known for kinky events. For more information on the studio and the staff, go to http://www.SanctuaryLAX.com.


Hollywood, CA – Friday , September 6th, bondage supermodel Ashley Renee will bring the ladies of Sanctuary LAX to play on Debi Diamond’s Playground, an internet radio talk show on TheJointStudios.com. The show will air live, Noon to 2:00PM, PST and listeners can call in at 888-806-8826.

Joining Renee and Diamond on the playground will be Goddess Genesis, Lady Remedy Ann Fetish, and Mistress Tetra. They’ll be on the air to talk about bondage, BDSM, sessions at Sanctuary LAX and promote the Friday night fetish event “Midnight Mass” featuring Antichrist Superstar, a Marilyn Manson tribute band.

Renee runs the bondage website www.AshleyRenee.com and does guest sessions at Sanctuary LAX, Thursdays and Sundays. Fetish superstars Julie Simone, Mistress Miranda, and Jewell Marceau are also scheduled for guest sessions this month. For more details about sessions at Sanctuary LAX, and to check out their great fetish events, go to www.SanctuaryLAX.com

Fetish Star Jewell Marceau at Sanctuary LAX This Wednesday

Jewell Marceau at Sanctuary LAX July 24th, 2013

Wednesday, July 24th, adult fetish star Jewell Marceau will be a guest Mistress at Sanctuary LAX. This will be her last available day for sessions in Los Angeles until September 2013.

“I would very much enjoy some kinky, devious, fun before I get on my long flight to London,” stated Marceau. “Using and abusing my willing and loyal slaves will be just the thing to release my tension and relax my mind before I get on the plane. I would particularly enjoy tying up a helpless slave in tight ropes, keeping him restrained as I torment and tease him with whatever pleases me.”

Sessions at Sanctuary LAX do not include sex, but they can include bondage, spanking, and more. “Giving a really good caning or flogging would certainly make this Mistress smile with delight,” added Marceau. “Electrifying my slave until he whimpers and squeals through his gag would be most invigorating.”

Marceau is a fetish supermodel and known for her intense bondage and Femdom videos. She has her own line of DVDs and also runs JewellMarceau.com. Her loyal slaves can contact her directly at JewellMarceau@Yahoo.com to book a session, or simply call Sanctuary Studios LAX at 310-910-0525. To find out more about Marceau’s sessions, visit http://www.jewellmarceau.com/main/ProDom.htm.

Sanctuary LAX, one of LA’s biggest, and most legendary, BDSM play spaces, has served many adult performers in the past. The space is available for production and is well known for kinky events. For more information on the studio, go to http://www.SanctuaryLAX.com.


Miss Rubber World Prize Pool Exceeds $10,000 of Latex Booty

 New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World

New York, NY – With only a few weeks to go before the New York Rubber Ball weekend kicks off and the Miss Rubber World Competition begins, the prize pool for Miss Rubber World has now reached over ten thousand dollars worth of rubber fetish wear and accessories.

Psylocke, competitor in 2013 Miss Rubber World contest. Photo by Marcus Gloger, provided by Psylocke

“The prizes are amazing!” said fetish model Psylocke, the Swedish competitor. “I’ve never been to an American fetish party so this will be very interesting for me to see!”

When crowned Miss Rubber World 2013, the winner will receive over five grand of latex gear from sponsors such as Cocolate Latex, The Baroness, Cinched Tight Corsets, Dawnamatrix, Kink Engineering, and Fetish Movies.com.

The second and third place winners will also take home thousands of dollars worth of slippery rubber prizes provided by sponsors such as Demask, AM Statik, Fetisso, and Lust Designs.

“There is an inherently sexual quality to latex clothing,” said sponsor Klawdya Rothschild of Klawtex. “It so resembles the texture of skin and is sleek and shiny. Latex is versatile enough to take the most subdued thing to the extreme, like a spotlight emanating out from your own body that radiates sensuality.”

Julie Simone, competitor in 2013 Miss Rubber World contest

Julie Simone, competitor in 2013 Miss Rubber World contest. Photo by VK Photography, provided by Julie Simone

Running for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013 are latex fanatics from around the world, such as adult video star and producer Julie Simone, Dominatrix Queen Titania, designer Madria of Madria Latex, and Val Vampyre, organizer of Fetish Factory in Florida. At this time, four spots are still open for the competition.

Val Vampyre, competitor in 2013 Miss Rubber World Contest

Val Vampyre, competitor in 2013 Miss Rubber World contest. Photo by Michael D Colanero, provided by Val Vampyre

“I’ve heard nothing but nice things about the entire Miss Rubber World team, said Val Vampyre.”I literally want to come into that room and have a drink with everyone there.”

New York Rubber Ball kicks off with the event launch party presented by Fixe Magazine, Thursday, April 4th at One on One on East 1st Street in New York City. The ball reaches its peak with the 2013 Miss Rubber World competition Saturday, April 6th at the Union Square Ballroom on 27 Union Square West. There’s too much rubber madness to mention here. Latex lovers can find a full schedule, see pics of past events, and even enlist to compete in Miss Rubber World at  www.NYRubberBall.com.

For broadcast rights and to sponsor the event, contact Dana Windsor phelion@nuvox.net.

Fetish Powerhouse Julie Simone Enters Miss Rubber World Competition

Julie Simone enters Miss Rubber World Competition

Fetish Powerhouse Julie Simone Photo by Lydia Lael


New York, New York – Adult industry star, professional Dominatrix, and BDSM educator Julie Simone recently announced her entry into the Miss Rubber World 2013 competition to be held during the New York Rubber Ball weekend.

“Kylie Marilyn, the current Miss Rubber World heavily recruited me for this year’s competition as Kylie wanted to be sure there were real rubberists in the competition,” said Julie Simone. “For me, latex isn’t about fashion, it’s about the feeling and headspace one goes into when wearing it.”

While a fetish powerhouse in the adult industry, and serious contender for Miss Rubber World 2013, Julie Simone won’t have it easy. Her competition includes slick fetish model Psylocke, designer Madria of Madria Latex, and Val Vampyre, organizer of Fetish Factory in Florida.

Giving her an edge in the challenge, Simone is collaborating closely with latex fashion designer and model Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs. She’ll be modeling Lael’s designs at New York Rubber Ball.

At this time, five spots are still open to compete for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013, and who’ll fill those spots for the competition is anyone’s guess. Last year, professional Dominatrixes, latex designers, rubber enthusiasts, fetish models and performers came from across the world to compete for the title of Miss Rubber World.

The winner of Miss Rubber World doesn’t just take home a sash and a title. The prize pool is already up to over $8,000 in latex fashion goods and accessories, with sponsorships still coming in. Current sponsors include Fetishmovies.com, Klawtex, Cocolate Latex, The Baroness, Cinched Tight Corsets, Dawnamatrix, Kimberlicious, Vex Clothing, Kriszta Latex Wardrobe, Fetasia Latex, and Kink Engineering.

The New York Rubber Ball festivities kick off on April 5th 2013, and the Miss Rubber World showdown will take place Saturday April 6th. Tickets are available now. For sponsorship information, contestant registration, venue details, previous Miss Rubber World video footage and more, check out http://www.NYRubberBall.com

Julie Simone is currently on her Domme educational tour and runs the mega fetish site, http://www.JulieSimone.com. Her DVDs are currently available wholesale through Julie Simone Productions, bookingjuliesimone@gmail.com

Sanctuary Studios LAX Now Open For Video Shoots

Note from Jay Moyes of Black and Blue Media: This is a special favor to Mistress Cyan and our friends over at Sanctuary LAX. A few years back, the Los Angeles leather community was shocked to learn that John Lavine was brutally murdered, along with his dog, and that his space, Passive Arts had been torched to hide the evidence. Weeks ago, his killer was brought to justice as Mistress Cyan had rebuilt the space according to the wishes of Lavine’s estate. Now Sanctuary LAX, the space is ready for prime time. It is with great pride that we have the honor of breaking the news to our friends in the adult industry.

One of the many rooms at Sanctuary LAX

Lennox, CA – Sanctuary Studios LAX, one of Southern California’s largest BDSM spaces is now available and is currently booking for mainstream and adult video production.

Located in Lennox, California, an independent city within Los Angeles County, the 7,000 square foot facility, near LAX, has over seven rooms available for shoots, along with a kitchen, locker room, green room, double shower, and a large ballroom with stage. The space includes dungeon furniture from legendary designers Sonny Black and Downtown Willy.

“Everything is up to code, because we rebuilt the space from the ground up,” says Mistress Cyan, proprietor and owner of the space, formerly known as Passive Arts. “Much of our facility, including the lighting, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, is brand new.”

Sanctuary Studios LAX is also a well known event space, with stage lighting and a 64 channel mixing board for sound. Other amenities include wireless internet access, and onsite parking. Onsite security is available upon request. “We are on great terms with the Sheriff, Lennox Fire Department, and local authorities,” said Cyan.

Some have already taken advantage of the space for shoots and parties. “I shot an elaborate crowd scene for my Adam&Eve release, ‘The Truth About O’, at Sanctuary Studios LAX,” says Ernest Greene, President of Ernest Greene Studios. “Mistress Cyan and her staff couldn’t have been more helpful. The facilities were roomy and well-equipped, with plenty of space available for lighting and other technical gear. Most of all, the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. I happily give my highest recommendation to this facility as a shooting location.”

To book a shoot at Sanctuary Studios LAX, contact Mistress Cyan at 310-910-0525. For details such as photos of the property and location of the facility, go to http://www.SanctuaryLAX.com

About Sanctuary Studios LAX: Formerly known as Passive Arts, Sanctuary LAX is a 7,000 square foot dungeon space with Mistresses available for BDSM sessions. The prestigious location is well known as an one of LA’s best kinky event spaces, having hosted hundreds of parties.

About Mistress Cyan: Mistress Cyan is a legend in the Los Angeles BDSM and fetish scene. As a professional woman in the adult business, Cyan has operated as a Dominatrix for over twenty years, runs a video production company, and owned a dungeon space in Reseda, California. Not content to merely profit from adult business, Mistress Cyan is well known for her fundraising activities, leadership, and dedication to the Leather community. When tragedy struck Passive Arts, the estate decided the facility would be best in the hands of Mistress Cyan, and the decision has been a rallying point in the business’ success. She is still available for sessions & shoots, and is well known for her skills with the singletail.

Something Shiny Catches Your Eye: New York Rubber Ball Announces 2013 Date

New York Rubber Ball, March 22-25, 2011

Latex has been in the spotlight lately, from fashion runways and magazines, to music videos and film, but for some it’s a way of life. Returning for its 7th year, the annual New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World contest will entertain and titillate rubber fetish enthusiasts and the curious from around the globe on Saturday, April 6th, 2013, at the Union Square Ball Room.

Rubberists from around the world gather each year to launch the beginning of the international fetish party calendar with the crowning of Miss Rubber World, and this year’s contest, coronation, and party are not to be missed. Each year this unique event grows with more and more contestants vying for the crown, donning their shiny best in spectacular performances. Punctuating the evening’s competition segments are groundbreaking fashion shows presented by some of the world’s leaders in fetish fashion from New York local press darlings such as Klawtex, The Baroness and Latex Nemesis, and international fetish sensations like Dawnamatrix and Lovely Latex. This year promises to bring larger runway productions from independent labels as well as international heavy-hitters.

New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World veterans can expect to see some changes to the format in 2013, with the addition of Production Designer Klawdya Rothschild of Klawtex, and an international liaison, last year’s winner, Kylie Marilyn (Miss Rubber World 2012). They have teamed up with event producer Dana Windsor to knock the socks off of attendees with more hands-on, interactive festivities and other ways to get involved.

Who has what it takes to wear the crown? Last year a new record was reached for the Miss Rubber World prize pool, totaling over $15,000 in cash, travel funds, latex gear and other prizes from over 150 international sponsors, and 2013 promises to be even higher.

The New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World is the event for rubberists the world over. For broadcast opportunities or to sponsor the event, contact Dana Windsor at phelion@nuvox.net. For tickets and more information about the event, please visit www.nyrubberball.com.


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